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Your South Florida Professional Landscape Design Services For Commercial and Residential Properties

We have over two decades of experience in planning and designing South Florida landscapes. Our professional landscape designers are experts in site evaluation and zoning regulations, in addition to budgeting, permits, and construction.

We take professional landscaping seriously: thoughtful design of outdoor spaces has been proven to have a positive effect on quality of life, not to mention increasing marketability, a sense of community and privacy for residents, wildlife, and natural beauty.

At South Scapes, we work closely with you to understand your landscaping needs and to enhance the unique features of your site.

Our Landscape Design Services

Planting Design

In plant selection, we balance aesthetic appeal with the science of horticulture. Our experts propose plant species that are not only visually stunning, but certified grade and suited to the South Florida climate. That way, we can ensure your landscaping is disease resistant, requires minimal maintenance, and has a better chance of withstanding a tropical storm or other harsh weather conditions.

What does planting design cover? Trees,

shrubs, flowerbeds, turf, and groundcover.

What you can expect? Plant lists, detailed plant specifications, images, and placement layout.

Contemporary Hardscape Design

Effective exterior design is an investment in the future of your property. It means you can attract your desired community of residents, keep them happy and continue standing out from other properties.

Whether it’s outdoor seating areas, walkways, swimming pools, or a list of 20+ other built features in your landscape, we are your full-service landscaping company specializing in contemporary hardscape design. We are with you every step of the way, from your initial vision to the final execution and construction.

What does hardscape design cover? Any built structure such as walls, gazebos, water features, amenities, and more.

What you can expect? Step-by-step consultation, design recommendations, detailed design proposals, government documentation, master plans, and site plans.

Irrigation Design

Irrigation design is the invisible infrastructure that delivers water to your landscape and keeps it looking lush all year round. Our professional landscape designers evaluate your site from the get-go to determine available water sources, topography, and your property’s water needs. With proper irrigation design, you can reduce storm water runoff, prevent erosion, and keep your water use costs at a minimum.

What does irrigation design cover? Irrigation components such as pipes, valves, pumps etc.

What you can expect? Site plans, permits, and construction details.

Sustainable Design

We operate under Florida-friendly practices for sustainable water usage and wildlife conservation. Our mission is to deliver visually stunning landscape designs that respect and promote the natural beauty of South Florida. Our knowledgeable staff ensures that the landscape we install today will be able to thrive with minimal maintenance, so that you can avoid using any pesticides, harsh fertilizers or other expensive chemical treatments that will cost you down the road and potentially harm water sources, wildlife, and Florida’s fragile coastal ecosystems.

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