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Mulch and Soil Installation

Are you looking to freshen up or re-style your property? Mulch blowing is a quick, no-hassle option that will instantly make a huge impact.

Landscape professionals know that mulch blowing is one of the easiest ways to add aesthetic value to your garden. Even if you don’t have an eye for selecting and arranging plants, mulch will provide that beautiful uniform backdrop for your trees and plants. And not only that—mulch is excellent for water conservation, weed suppression and pest control, saving you both time and money.

Our team at Southern Scapes installs mulch using a special delivery hose in a process called “mulch blowing.” This is the most effective way to lay down mulch and top-soil, as it cuts down on manual labor and ensures an even-layered application.

Popular South Florida Mulches

Mulch comes in a variety of colours and textures. You can select mulch to complement your home property exterior or to enhance your landscape theme. Our trained staff is not only experienced installers; they can assist you with selecting a mulch that is suitable for your property’s style, terrain, and landscape needs.

Pine bark, pine straw, and other materials are all good mulch choices for a Florida-friendly garden. In the South, pine straw is economical and readily available, giving a nice touch to shade plants growing under evergreen trees. Some mulches you should avoid entirely, like the cypress mulch, as it may come from unreliable sources. You can also choose from a variety of dyed mulches:

Red Mulch
Brown Mulch
Gold Mulch

Considering mulch? Don’t know how much you’ll need? Our knowledgeable staff would be glad to help. Call us at 561-391-9904 or contact us here.

To learn more about different types of mulch for Florida gardens, visit the University of Florida’s Gardening Solutions.

Quick Guide to Mulch Use

What are the benefits of mulch?

Mulch has all-around benefits for your garden. It provides the necessary coverage for your soil to conserve moisture, regulate temperature, prevent water run-off, and reduce erosion. It even suppresses the growth of weeds and can deter slugs. A thin layer of mulch around the base of trees, especially young ones, protects the trunks from unwanted plants and mowing. With all that, you’ll save a lot of time, money, and effort on maintaining your garden when you choose mulch.

How much mulch do I need?

The thickness of mulch depends on the type of plant or tree. If applied improperly around the base of trees, it may lead to rot or attract animals. Layers of mulch exceeding 3 inches around plants and shrubs can obstruct rainwater and natural irrigation. At the edges of pavement or stepping stones, mulch should be thinned-out. An experienced technician will know just how much to apply so that you get the most out of your mulch.

Can mulch help with lawn care?

Mulch is a simple way to cut down on lawn maintenance, as it locks in moisture and nutrients in the soil that will help your landscape thrive. It also creates a pleasant contrast border along the edge of your lawn. In hard to mow areas, a layer of mulch is a great way to achieve a cleaner look that can be coordinated with your exterior décor.

How often should I apply mulch?

It is advised to re-mulch twice a year. Refreshing old mulch ensures that it is doing its job properly so you don’t have to spend time on watering, weeding, and replenishing top soil.

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